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Deer: The Ultimate Artist's Reference

A Comprehensive Collection of Sketches, Photographs and Reference Material

A vast collection of artwork and reference material for deer. Inside you will find over 150 full-color photographs for deer at various ages and in various seasons, over 100 sketches, anatomical measurements, first hand accounts of deer in motion, and more. All North American species included!
Renowned artist and wildlife photographer, Doug Lindstrand, brings you the most comprehensive collection of sketches, photographs, and reference information for the deer of North America. From the white-tailed and Sitka black-tailed deer to the mule deer, no species has been left out. Inside you will find over 100 stunning photographs of deer in motion. Taken at different stages and in various seasons and poses, these photographs will help you to better portray the animal with accuracy in your own artwork. The author has also included over 150 detailed drawings, perfect for close-up views or adding texture to your artwork. Not to be missed are the author's reference notes providing interesting insight and information on one of nature's most popular animals.
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Weight 1.000000
Series None
Pages 120
Size 8.5" x 11"
Author Doug Lindstrand
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