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BigFoot Goes Back in Time

A Spectacular Seek and Find Challenge for All Ages!

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Sharpen your search & find skills by locating BigFoot at memorable moments in world history. Find the elusive creature and his legendary footprint in 10 immense visual puzzles, full of teeming activity and detail. Learn more about what you see with fun facts and pictures.
Book: Big Foot Goes Back in Time

We loveseekandfind books, we also love Big Foot. D.L. Miller combined these two fun things and gave us Big Foot Goes Back in Time. This is a seek and find where we are attempting to find Big Foot. But this is not just a book of seeking, there is so much more!

Big Foot Goes Back in Time is a hardcover book that is filled with color pictures. We start out learning about Big Foot, who he is and the names he goes by. This is a fun little fact sheet at the beginning of the book that tells us about Big Foot and the stories that go along with him.

Big Foot Goes Back in Time talks about events that have happened in our past. We travel with Big Foot to see the Dinosaurs, up to the Moon Walk and the Vikings and Gold Rush. Each section starts out with a 2-page spread on the topic. There are fun facts, like why were spiral staircases put into castles? There are colorful pictures on the subject as well as cartoons.

After learning the fun facts on the topic, we have a 2-page spread on actually seeking and finding Big Foot! These pages are cartoon drawn pictures where we need to find one Big Foot, one Legendary Footprint and other animals or items from that time. These will range in number from 5-9 of each thing you need to find.

In the back of the book, you will find a 2-page answer sheet that shows the answers to finding Big Foot and the legendary footprint. This does not indicate where all the other items are hidden, but that was just fine with us.

My kids love spending time learning about different times in history while finding Big Foot. The information was bite-sized pieces that was easy for the kids to take in. It gave great starting points for discussions and for independent learning. We found a lot of fun new bits of information that we didn’t know about before this book!

If you want a fun way to learn about historical time periods while seeking to find Big Foot, this is a book you will want to grab! We have used it for all ages, from 3 up to mom and dad.

Shy and reclusive, BigFoot spends his days in the deep dark woods, rarely spotted by humankind. But every now and then he leaves his remote retreat, and travels through time! Sharpen your search & find skills by locating him at his favorite moment in history. It won’t be easy. Try to discover BigFoot in 10 different historical epochs, as he helps invent the airplane, goes on a Viking voyage, plays with Jurassic dinosaurs, joins an old west cattle drive, and more. This handsome hardcover book presents each memorable moment as an immense two-page visual puzzle, full of teeming people and creatures. Your task is not only to find BigFoot and his legendary footprint, but also more than 500 other unusual and sometimes unexpected personalities and objects. Fun facts and pictures accompany each scene to help you learn more about world history.
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Weight 1.312500
Series BigFoot Search/Find
Pages 48
Size 10" x 10" x 0.3125 "
Author D. L. Miller
Region United States
Subscription Length 1 Years
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