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Oliver Bothmann

3D Printers: A Beginner's Guide

This introduction to 3D printing at home reviews essential concepts and techniques, with practical information on data files, software, and hardware.
3D printing can seem like science fiction. Objects appear to be created out of nothing—as if by magic. With your own 3D printer, you can produce exactly the parts and products that you, and maybe only you, need. This book will guide you through your first steps in 3D printing at home.Get started with a solid overview of concepts and techniques. Learn the basics of 3D construction, with essential information on data files and software. Find out what your options are for both kits and ready-to-use printers. Discover what you need to do to make your first 3D printed part, and what it takes to become a 3D printing professional.3D Printers: A Beginner's Guide will show you what’s possible and what’s not, with tips and tricks for practical applications with current technologies. If you aspire to use 3D printing for hobbies, crafts, spare parts, custom toys, or model engineering, this book will guide your first steps into a new future.
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Size7.5" x 9" x .349"
AuthorOliver Bothmann
AuthorOliver Bothmann
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