Junior Boater

A Hands-On Guide to Teach Your Kids About Boating

Boating brings families together, reduces stress, and is lots of fun! It's an activity that gets everyone out of the house, away from TV and computers, and into the fresh air to spend quality time together. A must-read for boating families, Junior Boater introduces basic boating concepts to elementary and middle school children, while not overwhelming them with technical jargon. Designed for the 8-15 year old who is interested in boating, this is a great guide for young people who are ready to be crew, not just passengers. Kids will learn to become confident, self-sufficient boaters with the help of this book. By building their skills for success early on, they will establish the basis for sustaining a life-long interest in the sport. With a cool design and fun hands-on activities, Junior Boater helps kids enjoy the culture of boating both on and off the water. Comprehensively detailed with step-by-step instructions on what to do when and how, it includes clear, useful charts, illustrations and diagrams that make it easy to learn recreational boating. Family Boating teaches the basics of ropes and knots, raising and lowering sails, steering, and how to read the skies and water. Boaters of all ages will learn about both traditional and modern means of navigating, with an updated section on using GPS and information on lights, buoys, and flags. The book includes a handy boating glossary plus fascinating historic trivia and examples from real-life events.
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Pages 144
Size 7.5" x 9"
Author John Kelsey
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