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Editors of Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts

Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts Issue 40 Fall 2010

10th Anniversary, 22 Full-Size Patterns Inside, Buyer's Guide Choosing the Right Saw, 23 Saws Compared, 5 Wildlife Patterns, Building Boxes, Making Halloween Decorations, Intarsia Bear Scene


Synergy Woods


By Kathleen Ryan


Young entrepeneur launches business built around the scroll saw


Scroll Saw Buyer's Guide


By Bob Duncan


Choose the right saw for you with a review of today's most popular scroll saws


Build a Rotating Tumbler Safe


By Alex Schlegel


Turn the arrows to align the cylinders and stash your valuables




Create a Yin Yang Coaster Set


By Sue Walker


Stack cut the simple design for a perfect fit


Making a Majestic Elephant Intarsia


By Janette Square


Charming scene portrays the bond between mother and baby


Creating an Intarsia Bear Scene


By Judy Gale Roberts


Choose the complexity with this realistic wildlife design


Creating an Oak Leaf Box


By Thomas Haapapuro


Celebrate Autumn with this easy-to-make keepsake box


Mischievous Pup Intarsia Scene


By Kathy Wise


Boot lace adds a fun touch to this adorable puppy design


Crafting a Nailhead Turtle


By L. Kim Braa


Embellish this fun design with upholstery nails


Building a Decorative Autumn Basket


By Sue Mey


Mix and match the sides to suit your preference




Cutting Custom Note Pads


By Tom Zieg


Personalized stationery makes a great back-to-school gift




Creating a Layered Wildlife Scene


By Terry Foltz


Multiple layers add depth to this fretwork project


Make a Puzzling Zoo


By William Waite


Challenging puzzle features fun animal shapes


Tranquil Deer Silhouette


By Alison Tanner


Fretwork Scene is a perfect gift for hunters and nature lovers


Victorian Fretwork Wall Clock


By John A. Nelson


Delicate leaf and vine design houses a standard clock insert


Making Halloween Luminaries


By Gloria Cosgrove


Spooky Halloween decorations nest together for easy storage




Editor's Column


Letters to the Editor


Bragging Pages


Info Exchange


Scroll Saw Basics


Coming Features


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Size8.5" x 11"
AuthorEditors of Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts
AuthorBob Duncan, Gloria Cosgrove, Janette Square, John A Nelson, Judy Gale Roberts, Kathleen Ryan, Kathy Wise, Ms L. Kim Braa, Shannon Flowers, Sue Mey, Sue Walker, Terry Foltz, Thomas Haapapuro, Tom Zieg, William Waite, Alex Schlegel, Alison Tanner
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