Lovable Dogs Coloring Book Customized

Author - Brenda Abdoyan
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Filled with over 20 adorable dog designs, this one-of-a-kind coloring book also includes the recipient’s name on the cover, as well as an inside dedication page featuring a personalized message from you!

Personalization Instructions:

Simply type the name of the coloring book recipient in the coordinating field. Next, include your personalized message for the dedication page! Indicate whether you’d like your signature to include “From” or “Love.” Enter your name(s) for the final step!

Example: Emma / Happy Birthday! Love, Mom & Dad

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For the love of dogs, color them into life!

This custom coloring book for the special dog-lover you know makes for a great personalized gift. Fill out the form on this webpage and add the recipient’s name to the front cover, as well as a small message from you that will be printed on inside front cover dedication page. Featuring more than 20 adorable dog designs and cute canine quotes, this engaging coloring book will channel your creativity and develop your own coloring style. Illustrated by talented artist Brenda Abdoyan, each design is printed on a single side of high-quality, extra-thick paper to resist bleed through.

  • A personalized coloring book that features the recipient’s name on the front cover, as well as a special message from you on the inside dedication page
  • Coloring book includes more than 20 adorable dog-inspired designs and words of wisdom
  • Designs are printed on a single side of high-quality, extra-thick paper to resist bleed through
  • Illustrated by talented artist, Brenda Abdoyan
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Author Brenda Abdoyan
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Brenda Abdoyan is a successful mixed-media artist who fell in love with the beauty of henna tattooing on a trip to the Middle East. Upon returning from her trip, she immediately began to incorporate the curves, twists, and intricate lines of henna tattooing into her own design style leading to the creation of a totally unique form of art that Brenda has coined "Bajidoo."