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Sam Keener

128 Compound Scroll Saw Patterns

Original "2-in-1" Designs for 3D Animals and People

Go a step beyond the usual compound projects with these two-in-one pieces! Featuring how-to instructions and 128 ready-to-use scroll saw patterns, you’ll create amazing works of wooden art. Watch your projects change designs before your eyes depending on the angle – from angels into butterflies, music notes into saxophones, and so many more!
A new challenge for scroll saw craftsmen – how to create a single object that is shaped so that two different subjects are revealed with the object is turned 90 degrees. Compound figures are created when a single object is shaped so that two different subjects are revealed when the object is turned 90 degrees-from one angle it is an angel, from another a butterfly. This intermediate level book provides 128 scroll saw patterns for creating these objects and detailed instructions on how to execute the tricky scroll saw maneuvers required to cut them. Take a look at one of Sam Keener's scroll saw pieces and you'll see an angel. Turn it 90 degrees and look again. Now you'll see a butterfly perched on a flower. Pick up another piece: one side is a musical note; the other is a saxophone. A step beyond "three-dimensional" scroll saw projects, these two-in-one figures are made with a unique cutting technique perfected by author and artist Sam Keener.
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Small8.5" x 11" x .15"
AuthorSam Keener
AuthorSam Keener
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