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Lora S. Irish

World Wildlife Patterns for the Scroll Saw

60 Wild Portraits for Lions, Pandas, Koalas, Gorillas and More

Find the best scroll saw patterns for the world's greatest animals - from antelope to zebra. Includes more than 50 fine line patterns and a gallery of finished examples.
Inside this pattern book, scroll saw artists will find more than 50 beautifully rendered line patterns of some of the best-known animals in the world. Each of the more than 50 scroll saw patterns is given its own page in the book and each is reproduced full-size on that page. Beginning scrollers may opt to cut only the outline of the piece for a silhouette pattern of the animal, while more experienced scrollers may choose to make all the inside cuts to create a stunning image of the animal in wood. The book also includes basic cutting instructions to give beginning scrollers an idea of how to apply the patterns to their own projects. A gallery of finished pieces showcases a dozen of the patterns cut and finished in a variety of woods. Species featured include: lion, tiger, koala, kangaroo, panda, penguin, camel, elephant, monkey, gorilla, wolf, bear, antelope, polar bear, penguin, reindeer, elk, mountain goat, snake, jaguar, parrot and more.
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Small8.5" x 11" x .2362"
AuthorLora S. Irish
AuthorLora S. Irish
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