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Self-Sufficiency: Natural Household Cleaning

Making Your Own Eco-Savvy Cleaning Products

Author - Rachelle Strauss
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Ingredients, Recipes, & How-To for Green Cleaning Your Kitchen, Laundry Room, Bathroom, & More

Discover harmless alternatives to chemical-laden cleaning products, with tips and recipes for using lemons, salt, vinegar, baking soda, club soda, and more.

Welcome to the world of safer, greener household cleaning!
  • Easy-to-follow cleaning recipes to replace common commercial cleaning products with natural alternatives
  • Use natural ingredients you probably already have in your cupboard, like lemons, salt, vinegar, and baking soda
  • Clean every room of your home with safer, greener options for the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, floors, and more
  • Save money by making your own cleaning products rather than buying expensive commercial brands

Many of us don't realize just how dangerous conventional cleaning products can be-and just how easy it is to make your own and achieve truly amazing results.

Most commercial cleaning products are packed full of chemicals, many of which are harmful to the environment and your health, let alone your wallet. This book takes a look at the toxic chemicals used in common products to help you make an informed decision. You may be pleasantly surprised to discover that your kitchen cupboard already stocks many harmless alternatives that will transform your home into a clean and fresh smelling haven. Lemons, salt, vinegar, baking soda, and club soda are just some of the natural ingredients that can be used to clean kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, floors, and more. The author offers hints, tips, and green recipes that couldn't be easier to make or use. Turn a chore into a pleasure and discover a whole new way to clean!

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Author Rachelle Strauss
Author Rachelle Strauss
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Rachelle Strauss, aka 'Mrs. Green', is a passionate environmentalist and homemaker who writes about gardening, environmental and green issues. She writes features and columns for a variety of green and ethical magazines. Her blogs have become an inspirational force in the fields of waste reduction and green living. Much of her inspiration and ideas are based on everyday practical experiences. She is proud to say that all the recipes and methods in this book are tried and tested personally and many are in daily use by her own family.