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Boating Lessons You'll Never Forget

Safety, Emergency, and Survival Techniques from Real-Life Disaster Stories

What would you do if a whale thought your boat looked like lunch? Dive deep into these stories of real life boating disasters as told by those who survived them.
Would you know what to do if a whale thought your boat looked like lunch and took a bite out of the hull, or if you ran ashore on rocky shoals? Boating Lessons You'll Never Forget gives first person accounts of these harrowing experiences so that others may know what to do in a similar situation. From animal encounters to capsizing water crafts, this book tells the true life stories of nautical mishaps and how the survivors walked away. This collection of fascinating stories will have readers on the edge of their seats, all the while, providing life-saving tips. Stories include accidents caused by sudden winds and catastrophic waves, running ashore, a gigantic whale attack, flipped kayaks and more unimaginable misfortune. In each instance readers learn what to do when the worst happens. There’s also a section on what emergency equipment to pack on your boat. This is a must-have for boaters and anyone who steps foot on a vessel.
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Weight 0.880000
Series Ess Guide to Boating
Pages 144
Size 7.5" x 9"
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