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This is the Sea 3

Circle the globe with the world' best paddlers. From serene to sensational- This is the sea.

Antarctica, New Zealand, Faroe Islands, Scotland, Wales Over 2 hours of stunning footage! Antarctica (40 minutes) A dramatic tale of 3 Australians who paddle 800km down the Antarctic Peninsula. Andre McAuley and team are trapped by moving ice, plagued by injuries & encounter winds so strong that they fear for their lives. Equally terrifying, stunning and hilarious. Scottish Tidal Races (15 mins) Fantastic action including loops, swims and sweet surfs on the meaty Falls of Lora. Paul Caffyn (15 mins) A rare insight into the legendary expeditioner who has circumnavigated Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Japan, and Alaska Cheri Perry & Freya Hoffmeister (15 mins) 2 of the world's best Greenland style rollers share their philosophies. Clear underwater footage of Cheri performing many different rolls. Freya showing off her famous headstand and other tricks. The Faroe Islands (25 mins) Justine Curgenven's expedition to these stunning European islands. Gales break her tent, tidal races and fog challenge her on the water and local people invite her into their homes. Shetland (10 mins) Birds and caves in the beautiful Shetland Islands in northernmost Scotland. An open crossing in a thunder storm to remote Foula. New Zealand Beach Surf-Great on-board footage of Steve Knowles ripping it up. Double Trouble- (7 mins) Some of Britain's best seakayakers try to transfer their skills to double seakayaks, with mixed results! Seakayak Cartwheel- Got to be seen to be believed! "Real Paddlers in Real Conditions.these are the BEST instructional videos that you can watch!" Shawna Franklin & Leon Somme'
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AuthorCackle TV
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