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Whittlin' Whistles

How to Make Music with Your Pocket Knife

This book is all about one of the signature projects that whittlers enjoy working on - the whistle. Featured projects include the classic slip bark whistle, tube whistles (with and without a fipple!) and reed whistles.
One of the signature projects whittlers enjoy working on is the whistle, and this book addresses each and every detail of successful whistle making. With a pocket knife and some readily available materials, most of which can be gathered from nature, beginning carvers will produce fun and attractive whistles that they can show off to their friends. Designed to be understandable to both younger readers and adult beginners, the book features numerous full-color instructional photos for each project and provides a strong emphasis on safety and tool care. Featured projects include the classic slip bark whistle, tube whistles, a kazoo, a vuvuzuela, and reed whistles.
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Weight 0.362500
Pages 80
Size 5.9" x 8.8"
Author Rick Wiebe
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