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Whittling Special Editions by Woodcarving Illustrated

3 Issues, 87 Projects, 1 Low Price - Must-Have Magazines for Whittlers

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  • Whittling Volume 6 (2019)
    Enjoy 31 quick and easy whittling projects
  • Whittling Volume 5 (2018)
    26 projects that you can make in only minutes
  • Whittling Volume 2 (2013)
    30 fun and fast pocket knife projects cover the full whittling spectrum

What’s not to love about whittling?

It’s the simplest of all carving activities, and in many ways it's the most satisfying. All it takes is a small piece of wood, a pocketknife, and an active imagination.

With those basic ingredients, you can whip up a wizard in only five minutes (see page 45 of Whittling Volume 6). Or tame a dog in just ten (page 27 of Whittling Volume 6). Yes, even if you’re a beginner!

Once you’ve acquired a little deftness with the knife, any number of fun projects await. And we’ve compiled many of the all-time whittling classics in this special magazine produced by the editors of Woodcarving Illustrated, including my favorite, Chris Lubkemann’s famous Branch Rooster (page 83 of Whittling Volume 6). They’re roughly organized from easiest to hardest in Beginning Carvers, Quick & Easy, and Weekend Project categories.

For those of you who haven’t whittled before, we’ve also assembled a comprehensive Starter Guide (page 6 of Whittling Volume 6), packed with photos and detailed instructions for selecting a knife and learning how to use it—safely! There’s even an article devoted to teaching kids how to whittle (page 12 of Whittling Volume 6), along with an easy Woodsy Bear carving (page 13) they can make right away from a bar of soap using a knife or a sharpened popsicle stick. Doesn’t that sound like more fun than watching another YouTube video?

So come on! This summer, put down that phone, pick out a knife, and take up a fun hobby you can enjoy for a lifetime. For the price of a pocketknife, you will quickly be knocking out cool and clever creations that will satisfy your soul and charm the heck out of friends and family.

  • Includes more than 80 projects and full-size patterns
  • Learn dozens of whittling techniques and tricks
  • Try something new to further your skills and become a better whittler
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Author Woodcarving Illustrated
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