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Wood Bending Handbook

Unlock the Secrets of Curving Wood

Originally published in 1948, this classic text on bending solid wood, laminated wood, and plywood delivers everything a woodworker needs to successfully understand this timeless art.
Guitars, furniture, even canoes�bending wood adds a new dimension to what can be built in a workshop. In this timeless resource first published in 1948, woodworkers will find all the indispensable information they need: from the woods best-suited to bending to understanding fundamental hand and machine bending techniques. Also included are the key topics of moisture content, wood preparation and elasticity, steaming and other softening treatments, and working with laminates and adhesives. This is the classic for any woodworker seeking to master the craft of bending wood.
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Weight 0.810000
Series Woodworking-General
Pages 120
Size 8.5" x 11" x .3346"
Author N Turner, W.C. Stevens
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