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Dylan Goodson

Carving and Painting the Sea Captain

Complete Instructions for Making a Realistic Classic


Learn how to carve a lifelike sea captain with this start-to-finish project booklet!

From blocking out the planes and roughing in the shapes to adding details, painting, and finishing, more than 80 step-by-step photographs guide you through the entire process.

  • Start-to-finish guide to carving & painting a lifelike man of the sea
  • More than 80 step-by-step how-to photographs
  • Expert advice on blocking, shaping, detailing, and finishing
  • Techniques and strategies to use for any realistic figure carving
  • Full-size patterns for front, back, left, and right views

Learn how to carve a lifelike sea captain with this start-to-finish project booklet from woodcarving artist and instructor Dylan Goodson.

From blocking out the planes, roughing in the shapes and refining the forms to adding details, painting and finishing, Carving And Painting The Sea Captain guides you through the entire process. Dylan shows you how to sculpt an expressive 12-inch-tall figure in a relaxed pose with a natural balance. He explains his expert techniques for carving finely detailed faces, hands, and clothing, and provides useful advice on the wet-into-wet paint blending method. Clear instructions and more than 80 step-by-step photographs show you exactly what to do, with full-size patterns provided for front, back, left, and right views.

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Small8.5" x 11"
AuthorDylan Goodson
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Dylan Goodson has always enjoyed being creative and making things with his hands. Born and raised in the woods of Coosa County, Alabama, Dylan utilized the ample supply of sticks and wood in his backyard to make wooden boats and other toys as a child. When he needed soldiers to go with his boats, he carved a small army of matchstick-sized soldiers. He enjoyed the creative process of carving so much, he tried his hand at other figures and small human heads. By age 14, his quest to learn more about the art of carving led him to check out every book in the public library about woodcarving. Since then he has carved a wide range of subjects, from human figures to miniature animals.

Dylan Goodson takes realistic figure carving to the next level with his masterful understanding of anatomy and attention to detail. Woodcarving Illustrated
There are a lot of things that I love about being a woodcarver, but the greatest reward is sharing my work with people and seeing the wonder and joy on their faces. Dylan Goodson