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Carving Gargoyles, Grotesques, and Other Creatures of Myth

History, Lore, and 12 Artistic Patterns

Two complete projects, fascinating history and myth, and 26 additional full page patterns for creating functional and decorative gargoyles from wood. Learn to carve a traditional water-spouting gargoyle and classic grotesque with step-by-step instructions. Includes 10 additional patterns for mythical creatures incorporated into architectural elements, like a working doorknocker.
Peering down from rooftops with their haunting, even humorous expressions, gargoyles have endured for centuries as architectural necessities directing rainwater away from age-old buildings, or as others speculate, warding off evil to protect the cathedrals, churches and homes where they were perched. Today, these mysterious beasts are a popular carving subject for anyone looking to add primitive ornamentation in and around their homes. If you've ever wanted to carve a gargoyle, grotesque, chimera or guardian, or just understand their differences, this unique step-by-step tutorial from renowned woodcarver, Shawn Cipa, will guide you from start to finish. In addition to being led through the entire carving and finishing process, you'll also discover fascinating legends and lore about each of these spirited creatures, where surviving gargoyles can be found around the world, and the facts and conjecture surrounding their purpose and meaning. After you master the skills to complete the Traditional Water-Spouting Gargoyle and Class Grotesque projects, you'll find 10 additional original patterns for rowdy characters, like the Crouching Imp and the Screaming Keystone Grotesque. You'll even find patterns for functional projects, like a gargoyle cane-topper, and a green man door knocker.
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Size8.5" x 11" x .4375"
AuthorShawn Cipa
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