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Bill Howrilla

Carving Golfers

12 Projects Capturing the Joys and Frustrations of the World's Greatest Game

Learn to carve golfers and capture the joy of sinking a difficult putt, the disbelief at missing an easy putt, and the frustration at ending up in the sand pit. These expressive projects offer joy and humor as they capture a golfer at the height of emotion with the how-to information provided in this new book.
Take Your Best Swing At This Humorous Cast of Golfing Characters! Hacking. Slicing. Pitching out of a sand trap. Missing a putt. Or sinking that once-in-a-lifetime shot. The joys and frustrations of the world’s greatest game are captured in this fun and easy-to-follow guide to carving golfers. Inside, you’ll find valuable tips on how to get started—including information on tools, materials and finishing. This is followed by step-by-step instruction on actually carving a caricature golfer named “Rise and Shine,” leading you through each part of the process, including bandsawing, carving, painting and antiquing. In addition you’ll find a gallery of 11 more patterns for other golfing caricatures, such as: • Judging the Distance • Yes! • Perfect Form • Almost • Concentration • Lining It Up • No Sweat • No Way • Nearly There • On Par • Please Oh Please Author Bill Howrilla carves golfers that look as if they could walk right off their wooden bases and continue their games on the top of your desk. He has a knack for catching golfers at the height of their expressions: the thrill of sinking a difficult putt, the disbelief at missing an easy putt, the frustration of ending up in the ruff or in the sand pit. From the best game of your life to the worst game you’ve ever played, any golfer will see a little bit of himself in these comical carvings.
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Size8.5" x 11" x .25"
AuthorBill Howrilla
AuthorBill Howrilla
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