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Lora S. Irish Mule & Whitetail Deer Pattern Pack - Printed

This package contains 10 complete patterns for Mule Deer and White Tail Deer, including a large mantel scene.
This is special PRINTED version of Lora S. Irish's downloadable pattern pack. Each pattern (or piece of a pattern) is printed on 8.5"x11" paper for your use. If there was one animal that could be considered the favorite of all carvers it would have to be the White Tail Deer. Throughout American history the Deer has provide us with food, clothing, sport hunting, and of course many hours of enjoyment. Today in our busy, hurried society the White Tail Deer continues to keep us in touch with the nature surrounding our technological lives. Our pattern package focuses just on this wonderful animal. There are ten individual poses ready to place into any scene work, two head portraits of the Buck, and a large mantel scene. The mantel is an eight part pattern, each piece printing to 8" x 10". Great for Wood Burning! This package contains ten complete patterns for Mule Deer and White Tail Deer: Arrow Head Portrait - 1 piece Arrow Head Portrait- 1 piece White Tail Buck - 1 piece White Tail Meadow - 4 pieces White Tail Dash - 2 pieces White Tail Fight - 2 pieces Swamp Deer - 4 pieces *(13" x 18") Mule Deer Waterfalls - 4 pieces, *(13" x 18") Mule Deer Totem 1 - 4 pieces *(16" x 18") Mule Deer Totem 2 - 4 pieces *(16" x 18") * Final Printed Sizes Are Estimated*
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