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Stephen Moss, A&G Bridgewater, Paul Meisel

Birdhouses, Boxes & Feeders for the Backyard Hobbyist

19 Fun-to-Build Projects for Attracting Birds to Your Backyard


For woodworkers, bird watchers, environmentalists, and anyone who wants to attract birds to their garden

Making your own bird boxes and feeders is a rewarding and environmentally sound way to enhance any garden by attracting birds. This book offers informed advice on siting, nesting, and feeding, along with 17 practical step-by-step construction projects.

Build a bird-friendly backyard!
  • 19 projects, appropriate for any skill level, from beginners to expert woodworkers
  • 1Introduction to woodworking, a rewarding and environmentally sound hobby
  • 1Over 300 photographs, diagrams, step-by-step instructions, and easy-to-follow text
  • 1Helpful hints on siting and construction, attracting birds, feeding, nesting, and predators
  • 1Create bird-watching opportunities in your own backyard with this guide to building bird nesting boxes and feeders

Making your own bird boxes and feeders is a rewarding and environmentally sound way to enhance any garden by attracting birds.

This bundle features tons of gardening and landscaping tips, as well as DIY projects for birdhouses, feeders, and boxes that will guarantee regular visits from your favorite winged neighbors!

The food we supply in winter can mean the difference between life and death for small birds, and in spring and summer bird boxes help many species to raise their families. Birdhouses, Boxes, and Feeders for the Backyard Hobbyist is an invaluable source of information for both the woodworker and the bird-lover. Woodworking experts Alan and Gill Bridgewater have teamed up with ornithologist Stephen Moss to produce a range of boxes and feeders designed to meet the needs of birds and enhance your garden. Information on box and feeder siting, appropriate food, types of nest box, and the birds you can expect to see, is featured alongside everything that you need to know about suitable woods, necessary tools and materials, and construction techniques. Seventeen projects, well illustrated with photographs and diagrams, offer concise step-by-step instructions and are suitable for novice and experienced woodworkers alike.

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Small8.5" x 11" x .39"
AuthorStephen Moss, A&G Bridgewater, Paul Meisel
AuthorA&G Bridgewater, Stephen Moss
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Alan and Gill Bridgewater have gained an international reputation as promoters of the self-sufficient lifestyle. They produce gardening, woodworking, and DIY books on a range of subjects, including furniture-making, hand tool techniques, stone and brickwork, decks and decking, woodcarving and woodturning. They have written more than 50 highly successful books to date, including The Self-Sufficiency Specialist and The Wildlife Garden Specialist. Alan and Gill frequently contribute articles and designs to national magazines.

Stephen Moss is a naturalist, author, and TV producer. His TV credits include Springwatch, Birds Britannia, and Britain's Big Wildlife Revival, and his books include Wild Hares and Hummingbirds, A Bird in the Bush, and Tweet of the Day. He has traveled to all seven continents to film and write about wildlife. Stephen is one of GB's top nature writers with a monthly column in the Guardian. He also writes for the Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, and magazines including Birdwatch, and BBC Wildlife.

Paul Meisel has had 10 years' experience as an industrial arts instructor. He now owns Meisel Hardware Specialties, a project plan and woodworking supply company that focuses on distributing plans for woodworking projects that are accessible for carving students and beginners as well as experts.