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Slingshots & Key Hooks

15 Everyday Objects Made from Foraged and Gathered Wood

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Transform found wood into artfully designed crafts such as a slingshot, whistle, jump rope, cup and ball game, key hook, table brush, and more. This beautifully illustrated book includes 15 step-by-step projects and advice on how to responsibly forage for wood.
With information on how to forage responsibly and suggestions on sources for the best wood to use, Geoffrey Fisher shows how the natural bounty of woodland can be used to stunning effect. Whether building a bee hotel or an insect house to help your garden's ecosystem thrive, crafting a slingshot, whistle, jump rope or cup and ball game to give away, or making a key hook or table brush to organize your home, the result of each will be entirely unique while also effortlessly stylish. All basic woodworking techniques are covered, plus Geoffrey also shows how best to prepare materials, including checking for disease, drying and stripping bark, and gives a detailed guide on your essential tool kit - what to have, how to handle your tools safely, and how to maintain everything to the highest standard -meaning anyone can pick up Slingshots & Key Hooks and dive straight into the world of Geoffrey's designs.
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Size7.5" x 9.25"
AuthorGeoffrey Fisher
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