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Jonathan Benson

Woodworker's Guide to Veneering & Inlay (HC)

Techniques, Projects andExpert Advice for Fine Furniture

Now, woodworkers of any skill level can master the classic technique of recreating the beauty of exotic wood. Included is a complete overview of the entire veneering and inlay process along with step-by-step exercises that culminate in four beautiful pieces: a dining room table, a wall mirror with shelf, a marquetry picture, and a parquetry design.
The topic of veneering - the process of gluing an attractive, thin slice of wood onto a furniture surface - often prompts two opposite reactions: it's either considered a complex art only mastered by the finest of craftsmen or a glossy cover-up for furniture of shoddy materials and poor construction. While once valid in the long history of veneering, these assumptions are now completely outdated. In this comprehensive book, Jonathan Benson, a professional furniture builder and veneer expert, sets the record straight for today's woodworker and presents veneering for what it truly is: a respected technique that offers unlimited design options, preserves natural resources, and elevates the beauty and luxury of any project. Best of all, today's veneering techniques can be mastered by woodworkers of all skill levels without a huge investment of money or shop space. And, to ensure you've mastered the expert information provided, you'll find more than a dozen demonstration projects and step-by-step exercises that, when followed, will result in the construction of a beaufitul tabletop, parquetry chess boardm, and heirloom mirror frame.
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AuthorJonathan Benson
AuthorJonathan Benson
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